ToHeart and NC.A decide to postpone fansigning event on April 19 #PrayForSouthKorea

ToHeart and NC.A who have fansigning schedules on April 19 both postpone to join the second day of mourning for the ship tragedy occurred yesterday. Meeting with fans with a heavy heart due to the pain, Toheart’s Woohyun and Key

Kim Yeon Ji releases MV teaser for ‘Sad Day’

SeeYa’s Kim Yeon Ji releases the MV teaser for her solo comeback ‘Sad Day’. Kim Yeon Ji is coming back as solo after her group SeeYa disbanded, with an album ‘Never Land Project’ which is scheduled to be released on

FIESTAR postpone comeback date to join the mourning for the ship tragedy #PrayForSouthKorea

FIESTAR postpone their comeback to sympathize and mourn after the ship tragedy occurred yesterday. A very unfortunate news has broken out on April 16, after a South Korea ferry sank on its way to Jeju leaving 6 people dead and

Choo Sarang covers ‘Let It Go’!!!

Choo Sung Hoon’s adorable daughter Choo Sarang received much love with her appearance on KBS show ‘The Return of Superman’. Her father uploaded a video of Sarang singing Let It Go through her official Facebook page, she’s seen singing along

Actor Jung Seok Won signs with C-Jes Entertainment

On April 16th, it was revealed that actor Jung Seok Won has signed an exclusive contract with C-Jes Entertainment. Last year Jung Seok Won involved in a legal dispute with his former agency which made him refrained from his activities

BESTie perform their hit songs at the Army Festival

BESTie perform their hit songs such as Pitapat, Love Options and Thank U Very Much at the Army Festival. The girls received much love from the soldiers especially during their Pitapat performance due to its sexy choreography and catchy lyrics,

Akdong Musician’s ‘Galaxy’ deems inappropriate for broadcast on KBS

On April 16th, KBS announced that Akdong Musician’s “Galaxy” is banned from broadcast. The reason is because the world “galaxy” in the lyrics are repeated 9 times in the song, so people might mistake it as a CF song for

SHINee’s Onew is confirmed for musical ‘ingin’ In The Rain’ + EXO’s Baekhyun to join the cast

On April 16th, it was revealed that SHINee’s Onew along with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun are confirmed to play in upcoming musical “Singin’ In The Rain”, also EXO’s Baekhyun is likely to join the the cast as well. SM Entertainment said,”Onew

Jung Sisters’ reality show to be broadcast on June 5th

On April 16th, cable channel OnStyle revealed that Jessica and Krystal’ new reality show will be broadcast on June 5th. The original name of the show “Cover Girl” will be changed into “Jessica and Krystal”. The show will revolve around

Arirang visits Super Junior-M at their MV shooting for ‘Swing’

Arirang KPOP took a coverage of Super Junior-M MV shooting for ‘SWING’. Super Junior-M boys have transformed into classy dancing office workers in the new MV. They have shown professionalism in their solo pictorials and MV shooting but during breaks