Chad Future invites fans to join his ‘Fan-made MV’ project feat. ‘Where It’s At’

Chad Future uploaded a lyric video for its song ‘Where It’s At.’ The video also contains Chad Future’s invitation to his fans. He asks his fans to upload a video of them while lip syncing and/or dancing to ‘Where It’s

Lush own version of Taeyang’s ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’

Lush uploaded their own interpretation of Taeyang‘s most covered song today ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips.’ Lush gave their all to give justice to the song. They sang it with quality and appropriate emotions. Watch below: written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.netSOURCE: OSEN, OscarEntCompany

Australia’s ‘Au Review’ to feature C-Clown

C-Clown is going to be featured on Australia’s online magazine ‘Au Review.’ ‘Au Review’ is a KPop media source in Australia that aims to spread Korean culture in the country. They are going to interview C-Clown on July 28th. Australia

Phon’s MV for comeback song ‘I’ll Be Your Spring’

Soloist Phon revealed his latest song entitled ‘I’ll Be Your Spring.’ ‘I’’ll Be Your Spring’ has a slow R&B beats. It’s about is a man who is proudly announcing his love to his significant other. It’s composed by Jerry L.

Jeon Hyo Sung Single Album Vol. 1 – Top Secret

This review is sponsored by Secret’s charismatic leader Hyosung made her solo debut with ‘Goodnight Kiss’. She garnered much fame with her sexy performance and amazing stage presence, she wins male fans heart with her voluptuous figure and feminine

Kim Janghoon uploads a video as his tribute to the Sewol victims

Kim Janghoon uploaded a video as his tribute to the Sewol victims. On the video, he featured one Sewol high school victim named Lee Bomi. He used Lee Bomi’s cover of ‘A Goose’s Dream‘ and incorporated himself as if they

New female KPop girl group Taurine uploads MV of debut song ‘Wish List’

  A new KPop girl group Taurine released their debut song ‘Wish List.’ ‘Wish List’ is a song that has jazz sound and tackles about the food that the three girls of Taurine want to eat, but they can’t because

B.I.G unleashes the BTS video of ‘Hello’ MV

  GH Entertainment released the behind-the-scenes of the making of the music video of their song ‘Hello.’ B.I.G stands for Boys In Groove which consists of five members including Heedo, Benji, Gook Minpyo, J-Hoon, and Gunmin. Watch below: Music Video

KARA confirms comeback date to be on August 18th with the second teaserr image

KARA finally confirmed the date for their comeback which is set to be on August 18th. The group will make their comeback after 11 months with the 6th mini album “Day and Night”. Since it’s the first time they will

Lim Kim to feature in High4′s upcoming MV ‘A Little Close’

Lim Kim is the new muse in High4′s upcoming MV. A teaser video for “A Little Close” was unveiled today on July 25th which showed High4 were mesmerized by Lim Kim’s beauty and they tried to win over her heart