Hyuna gets sexier in 2nd MV teaser for ‘Red’

Hyuna heats up the summer with the 2nd MV teaser of ‘Red’, check out her sexy teaser below:

Lady Gaga is Crayon Pop’s 6th member, Gagayon Pop!

A poof shot of Crayon Pop with Lady Gaga is released through the girl group’s twitter on July 23, with a caption, “Gagayon Pop’. In the photo, Lady Gaga is in the middle of the Crayon Pop members wearing the

APink Bomi and BTOB Eunkwang do a paper battle on Weekly Idol

Apink Bomi and BTOB Eunkwang show their competitiveness in a paper battle on 3rd anniversary special of Weekly Idol. The two idols who are eager to win show their humorous side by warping their faces to get rid of the

Girl’s Day Sojin shows off her sexy back in ‘Vitamin’

Girl’s Day Hyeri and Sojin appear on KBS shows Vitamin. The girls had a medical check up in a hospital, Sojin surprised fans by revealing her sexy back on the show, check out the video below:

Actress Lee Yoon Ji to tie the knot with a dentist this September

Actress Lee Yoon Ji will get married this September. According to Namoo Actors on July 23rd, Lee Yoon Ji is currently preparing for her marriage which will take place on September 27th at 63 building in Yeoui-do. The agency also

JYJ unveils branding commercial video worths 1 billion won

Fans now can catch JYJ’s new special commercial ad on your TV. C-Jes Entertainment announced that started on July 21st, JYJ’s branding commercial video which is worth 1 billion won investment will be airing as an advertisement in the golden

Block B are funky and hilarious in MV for ‘HER’

The seven boys of Block B are come back with a funky and catchy song as well as a hilarious music video. From their girly-colored backdrop and exaggerated make up, the boys both projected their cute yet fierce hip hop

‘K-Pop Star 2′ Song Ha Ye updates fan with her new status ahead of official debut

Song Ha Ye will make her debut with a new single this August. On July 22nd, she wrote a message on her Facebook,”Finally only a few days left until I can meet everyone with my own song. Will I be

B1A4 proudly take home their first win with ‘Solo Day’ at Show Champion

B1A4 who made an impressive comeback with their self-composed album ‘Solo day’, are proud to take home their 1st trophy from Show Champion today! The win is much more meaningful as the members all take part in writing and producing

Eddy Kim releases a playboy version of ‘Darling’

Eddy Kim has more in store for you as he releases a playboy version of his newest MV for ‘Darling’ The singer is being naughty with his darling in this new released. If the original MV uses some clever stuff,