JunggiGO & BEENZINO are serious & funny

Two photos of JunggiGO and BEENZINO were uploaded on Starship Entertainment‘s Twitter. One photo showed their serious faces, and the other photo is the opposite of the first photo. The second picture showed the two were playing with a toy

Epik High‘s Tablo to comeback as a radio DJ

Epik High‘s rapper Tablo is returning to the radio after he left it in June 2009. Tablo will be hosting MBC FM4U’s ‘Tablo and Dream Radio‘ every 10:00 PM till midnight starting April 21st. Tablo promises to showcase music that people

Block B is featured on CSI for their comeback song ‘Jackpot’

On April 15th, 1theK uploaded a video interview of Block B. Block B was featured on ‘Comeback Special Interview‘ where they celebrated the success of their comeback song ‘Jackpot.’ They played a special interview game. Leader Zico is the card

G.NA looks stunning on 1st Look magazine

Sexy Korean solo artist G.NA is being featured on the new issue of 1st Look Magazine. In the pictorials, G.NA shows off her stunning figure and dreamy expression in various nice poses. Though the background is very simple with old wall

Big Bang’s Seungri passes over 1 million followers on Instagram

Big Bang‘s youngest member, Seungri is the next YG Entertainment artist to pass the one million followers on Instagram, joining in K-Pop social media elite! Seungri shared many photos on his instagram, from daily life photos, selfies to the back-stage

Son Ho Young appears on TV for the 1st time after 10-month break

On April 16th, Son Ho Young made his 1st TV appearance on channel O’live TV’s ‘Share House’ after 10 months of break. Last year, Son Ho Young’s girlfriend committed suicide, making him suffer a mental breakdown and he decided to

‘Real Man’ assures fans that ZE:A’s Hyung Sik won’t get off from the show

On April 18th, MBC’s “Real Man” officially stated that ZE:A’s Hyung Sik won’t get off from the show and he will participate in the recording once he feels better later. Previously during a recording of “Real Man”, he slipped off

Cross Gene has its official fan club!

Cross Gene updated their official website with a post on how to become a member of their official fan club CROSS GENE ☆ PLANET.  The instructions are in English, Korean and Japanese to cater all of their supporters. To become

Chad Future releases teaser video of a collaboration song with VIXX’s Ravi ‘Rock the World’

On April 15th, Chad Future uploaded the teaser video of his latest collaboration song with VIXX‘s Ravi. The new single is entitled ‘Rock the World.’ The full music video will be released on April 21st. Watch the teaser below: written

Some K-Pop male idols show grief and support for the sunken Sewol ship

The photo above that was provided by the Korea Coast Guard and was released by Yonhap showed that the rescuers don’t halt searching for the possible survivors and unfortunate cadavers even it’s late at night.   Some of the male