Taewan releases MV teaser for ‘Good Morning’ ft. Verbal Jint and Jooyeon’s appearance

Taewan drops the MV teaser for his comeback song ‘Good Morning’ from his upcoming mini album ‘As I Am’. The track features Verbal Jint and the appearance of After School’s Jooyeon as the female lead. The clip starts off with

KARA release Young Ji’s solo teaser photos for ‘Day & Night’

KARA is going to release two set of teaser photos for each members and they started off with new member Young Ji. Youngji is looking innocent in the ‘Day’ version of her solo teaser photos wearing white outfit. The atmosphere

Red Velvet open official website and Facebook page + members’ solo photos

SM’s newest girl group gear for their nearing debut as they open their official website and Facebook page to reach out more fans. Earlier today, Red Velvet composing Seulgi, Wendy, Irene, and Joy release MV teaser for their debut song

APink melt gamers with their cuteness for ‘Legion of Heroes’ CF

A Pink are the newest models for ‘Legion of Heroes’ game for Kakaotalk and they are adorably cute in its newest CF. Each members show their cute side while inviting everyone to download the smartphone game. Who couldn’t say no?

EXO Tao’s acquires foot injury from ‘Laws of the Jungle’ Solomon Island filming

EXO Tao is reported to have pricked by a coral reef during the filming of ‘Laws of the Jungle’ in Solomon Islands on July 14 and injured his right foot. In response to fans’ anxiousness, SM told MyDaily on 28th,

Suzy to appear as the next guest on ‘Running Man’

We will be seeing Suzy on ‘Running Man’ again. On July 28th, according to Im Hyung Taek PD, Suzy is currently participating in the recording of SBS’ ‘Running Man’ today around Seoul using public transportation. It was said that Suzy

Jiyeon and Mighty Mouth’s Shorry J to release an OST for MBC’s drama ‘Triangle’

Jiyeon and Shorry J will release a duet as the new OST for drama “Triangle”. According to the production team, Jiyeon, Shorry J and also F-ve Doll’s Seunghee gathered together and sang for the new OST called “Kiss and Cry”.

Girl’s Day’s Sojin to join MBC Music’s ‘Idol School’ as new MC

Sojin will have her first MC challenge through MBC Music’s new variety show ‘Idol School’. According to MBC Music on July 28th, Sojin has been confirmed as the new MC for ‘Idol School’ and she will be hosting along with

Happy birthday to DMTN’s Jeesu

Real Name: Park Jeesu Birth Date: July 28th, 1990 Height: 180 cm Weight: 60 kg Blood Type: B Religion: Christian Label: Monkey Funch Entertainment Group: DMTN Position: Vocal Education: Graduated from Hanyang High School Siblings: 1 older sister Hobbies/Specialties: MIDI, Piano

Happy birthday to Dal Shabet’s Gaeun

Birth Name: Cho Ga Eun Stage Name: Gaeun Birthday: July 28, 1992 Label: Happy Face entertainment Group: Dal Shabet Position: Main Rapper & Vocalist Height: 172 cm Weight: 47 kg Blood Type: A Hobbies: Modeling & fashion magazines Twitter: @shabet_kaeun