MNET introduces Infinite Sungjong as the new ‘Super Idol Chart Show’ MC in a preview clip

MNET releases a preview clip for their upcoming episode of ‘Super Idol Chart Show’, introducing their newest MC Infinite Sungjong. In the preview clip, Sungjong is seen going around the set while checking the displays and practicing hosting by himself.

BIGFLO’s Z-UK shows his dancing skills in ‘Delilah’ free dance version MV

Hip hop idol group BIGFLO who made their debut on June 19, treat fans a free dance version of their ‘Delilah’ MV care of member Z-UK. The rapper and dancer of the group shows some incredible freestyle dance moves following

Infinite Sunggyu serenades fans with an acoustic version of ‘I Need You’

Infinite’s Sunggyu appears on the July 29th episode of Mnet’s “4 Things Show: Outrageous Interview” and sings an acoustic version of his song ‘I Need You’. Projecting his emotions through the lyrics accompanied by an acoustic guitar, Sunggyu’s warm vocal

Teen Top, Kim YeRim, and Yoon JongShin attend presscon of Mnet’s ‘Entertain Us’

Yoon JongShin, idol group Teen Top, and Kim YeRim attend the press conference of the upcoming ambitious mocumentary Mnet program ‘Entertain Us’ on July 29 at the Media Hall of CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. The program’s concept

Famous choreographer Tony Testa poses with Super Junior; working for their comeback?

SM’s choreographer Tony Testa who has worked with SM groups like TVXQ, SHINee, EXO, SMRookies and more, shares a group photo with Super Junior through his twitter account. Few hours ago, the famous choreographer tweeted, “Great work gentlemen #superjunior  @siwon407

BToB’s Hyunsik explains Hyuna’s ‘From Where and Until When’ plagiarizing lyrics from g.o.d’s song controversy

Hyuna is under a plagiarism controversy as one of the songs in her new mini album “From Where and Until When” are accused of copying the lyrics from g.o.d’s song “The Reason Why Opposites Attract”. There’s a part in the

AOA perform the acoustic version of ‘Short Hair’

The main vocalists of AOA including Yuna, Choa and Jimin perform the acoustic version of their latest song ‘Short Hair’, enjoy their performance below. Are you impressed?

Sonnet Son Profile

Stage name: Sonnet Son  Real name: Son Seung Yeon (손승연) Birthday: Sept 15, 1993 Birth place: Seoul, Korea Label: Fortune entertainment Debut year: October 2012 Debut album: The Wings of an Ugly Duck Twitter: - She is known for her strong vocal- She

Suzy sexually harassed at a public event + JYP reaction

Recently, Suzy has become center of an online debate as the victim of a sexual harassment at an outdoor event. At the event, Suzy was standing in front of 6000 people in the “Sprite Shower” water gun festival in Sinchon,

Happy birthday to SPEED’s Yoohwan

Birth Name: Kim Yoohwan Stage Name: Yuhwan Birthday: July 29, 1991 Label: Core Contents Media Group: SPEED/ Co-ed school Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper Height: 180 cm Weight: 64 kg Blood Type: A Instagram: @yuhwan0729 Twitter: @SUPREME_0729